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Dr Moon Bio

Dr. Moon is a native of Virginia. He did his Undergraduate studies at the nearby George Mason University studying Bio-Chemistry. After that, he went back to his hometown of Richmond to get his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree at Virginia Commonwealth University's school of Dentistry. He spent his time in dental school doing extensive research ranging from bone growth and development, to bonding agents used in the field of dentistry. Having published numerous research articles, Dr. Moon provides our patients with the latest techniques and the most up to date standards in the field of Dentistry. By providing procedures such as root canal therapy, simple and complex tooth extraction, crowns and bridges, simple and complex fillings, pediatric dentistry, dentistry for special needs patients and implant restorations, Dr. Moon helps us provide a more complete dental experience. He may be the youngest member of our team, however his up-to-date techniques and youthful energy is a great asset. Dr. Moon offers weekend hours to those patients that cannot make weekday appointments due to work, school or other obligations. We offer a24hr emergency line that is managed by Dr. Moon so that no patient has to be in pain. His genuine desire to help every patient and his love of his profession makes Dr. Moon a great addition to our team.

In his spare time, Dr. Moon loves to Golf and Fish. He is a very social guy and loves spending time with his friends. When he's not on the Golf course, he is enjoying a good weekend cookout or a movie outing. Dr. Moon also loves to educate people about his profession and takes every opportunity to do so ranging from giving lectures at George Mason University about tooth trauma to mentoring young students that are trying to also enter into the dental profession.


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